Passed PSM I with 95%

Last post 07:14 pm August 5, 2017
by Ahmed Hussien Jomaa
07:14 pm August 5, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

I just passed my PSM I exam from the first try, and I want just to share my learning steps:

 1. Reading Scrum Guide (many Times).

 2. The Scrum Master Training Manual from mplaza to understand more ( (Many Times)

 3. I have done Open Assesment to Scrum Open, Product Owner (Many Times until I could get 100% in both) 

 4. I have done mlapshin  assessment  ( until I could get 100%

 5. I bought mplaza Simulated Exams and really they are helpful, I did the three simulated exams until I got 100% 

 6. Reading The Nexus Guide ( just two times to understand what is happening on scaled scrum)


1. Every time I do an assessment for the above mockups on the beginning I got many wrong answers then I check the right answer to correct my understanding and read this part again from the scrum guide.

2. The exam not playing by words, it really tests your understanding of the scrum framework.

3. Regarding the questions about the scaled scrum, I couldn't find it hard but just test your general understandings of the scaled scrum.

4. I have no prior experience as Scrum Master but many years as a scrum developer.

5. Use the above practice exams to increase your understanding to the scrum framework not to save the answers in your mind, exam questions different :)

Good luck to everyone and really the exam not hard just you need to understand the scrum framework very well.