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PSM I Passed with 100% : What Next?

Last post 04:04 pm October 23, 2020 by Ayorinde Akande
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03:22 pm August 9, 2017

I have cleared the PSM I today; I am very new to scrum and not having much experience in Scrum. Currently the project I am working in is following Waterfall Model.

I need some advice from my fellow mates what to do next; I want to establish my career as a Scrum Master.

What should be the next logical next step of my Scrum journey- PMI-ACP or PSM II.I heard its hard to clear PSM II without having practical experience.Please suggest.

For people who all are preparing for the exam-Please find below the preparation model I followed to clear this exam;

1) Read Scrum Guide; N number of times. Watched several videos from You tube regarding scrum.

2) Took the Open assessment of PSM and PSPO until started scoring more than 95%

3) I bought MPLAZA exams; those are very useful. I took the exam 2-3 times and started scoring more than 95%

4) MLapshin exam- this is also very useful.  practiced in both Learning and real mode

5) Went back to step 1 & 2 again

6) Took the exam

Though I have null experience in Scrum still managed to clear the exam.Its not that tough but understanding every rules, events,roles and artifacts of scrum is very important.

04:42 pm August 16, 2017

Congratulations...!!!!!!, I dont´t have the same luck, I applied two exams and nothing, the first I got 81% and the second 83.5%, I do not know what to do, I read the manual several times and applied several exams online and nothing at all. I was discouraged to keep trying.

10:15 pm August 18, 2017

I would strongly recommend reading scrum a pocket guide by gunther verheyen (multiple times).

Of all the recommended resources, this one will help you the most for your exams.

As for the waterfall project, look for ways to change the project or get another job if you want to do more scrum.. either way, continue reading/learning for psm ii if you want to be scrummaster.

06:12 pm August 19, 2017

I passed with 73/80 after prepping for a day and a half.  To be fair, I have been working on an Agile project most of the year so I was already familiar with daily scrums, sprint reviews, etc.  All I did was read the scrum guide, take the 30 question open assessment a few times, re-read parts of the scrum guide. The next morning.I paid ten dollars for a week's access to some PSM1 practice tests on one of the training sites.  I took the 80 question test five times to cover most of the possible random questions.  I scored from 81-97%.  Then I took the real test later that afternoon.  Take some practice tests (not just the open assessment), it makes all the difference.  The real test will still throw some curve balls at you though.

05:53 pm August 23, 2017

Hello Pedro, don't be disappointed and discouraged with your attempts at getting your PSM certificate. I had the similar trouble with my PSM II assessment like you're having with your PSM I. However I got through after 4 repeated failed attempts. So don't give up and keep preparing yourself better for your next attempt and you make it happen. Looks like it's just a matter of 1 or 2 questions to get past 85%.

There are many threads on PSM I preparation guidelines on this Forum which you could refer for your further preparedness. I can also give couple of good resources outside of Of course you would still need to practice's Open Assessments, not just the Scrum Open but also Developer Open, Product Owner Open and Nexus Open (for Scaled Scrum specific questions) as well.

Here are the other good resources which I was talking about.

Mikhail Lapshin's blog: and quiz.

Simon Kneafsey's blog :… and practice test

Management Plaza's web site:… having Online Course and Mockup Tests

Hope these additional information would help you to prepare better and clear your PSM I assessment next time around.

Good luck with it!!


- Ashok

11:00 am November 14, 2017

Hi, Souparna:

I am in the same situation as you when you posted your comment in August 2017. I have also just passed my PSM1 test but I lack any real SCRUM experience. My goal is to work as a SCRUM Master in the near future. 

Have you receive any additional feedback on the next steps? 




01:00 am November 18, 2017

Few Tips and you will surely clear PSM 1 as i did


1. Scrum Guide - 5 times read through 

2. Mplza PSM 1 simulated exams - until you reach 100% on all 3

3. Scrum Open assessment - Untill you reach 100% consistently 


06:27 am November 20, 2017

Hi Souparna - can you please suggest the videos you refer for the PSM preparation ??



01:36 am November 30, 2017

What's next?

I'm currently pursuing PMI-ACP exam and will then try for PSM II.  I'm wondering if it's worth the $200 to take the PSPO I since 75% of the questions will be similar to PSM I.  For me it's not just "collecting" certifications, the knowledge has to be useful and applicable to my current/future work.

For both my PSM I and PMI-ACP preparations, I took (heavily discounted) courses at Udemy and also studied the Scrum Guide.

Another question I have is open: how do you practice Scrum in a non-software environment?  My workplace has Division Managers, Functional Managers, Project Managers, Senior Engineers, and various sub-contractors/vendors.  Jeff Sutherland's book talks about how he taught Openview Venture Partners to implement Scrum.  But they are non-software development venture capital firm.  How to assign PO, Scrum Master, and "Development Team"?

08:50 pm December 1, 2017

Congratulations! I passed today with 77 points. Best of luck to you with your career.

04:31 pm August 3, 2018

Hi Guys, 

I Passed today with 75/80!!

From my experience some tips to clear PSM 1 as i did


1. Scrum Guide - everyday 1 time for 1 week

2. Scrum Open assessment - Untill you reach 100% consistently and should be able to finish in 4,5 mins 

3. Mplza PSM 1 simulated exams - until you reach 100% on all 3

4. Use for open assessment 





09:07 am August 7, 2018

Hi Pedro,

Don't get disheartened by the failures. Inspect, adapt and keep trying, you will hit the bull's eye in your next attempt.

Apart from the awesome inputs provided by Ashok, I would ask you to read the 'Scrum Insights For Practitioners' by Hiren Doshi. It's a companion for Scrum guide. It's available as free download in his site. It's a wonderful high value reference that will help to nail the nuances and the nuts and bolts of Scrum. I am sure, it will help you.


08:11 pm September 17, 2018

I just passed with 91.3% . Prepared for exam in 6 days (including where to take exam and prepare for it).  Bought the Management Plaza's online course (it also comes with 3 sample exams). Read the guide and take the sample tests from Mikhail Lapshin  which tell you those areas you are weak, those from Management Plaza and the 30 questions open assesments.  Re-read the guide and re-sit through the lectures as many times as necessary until you get 95+ consistently in all tests. Take all exams between re-reads and re-sits.  Iterate untill you feel there is nothing more to learn. Get the courage and take the exam. You will never be as ready!

11:21 am September 21, 2018

I also passed PSM 1 and PSPO 1.

I also prepared for the real exam my the post popular resources:

  • Mikhail Lapshin.
  • Scrum.Org open assesments.
  • Scrum Guide.

First I read the Scrum Guide 2 times. It was hard and did not understand lot. It was very abstract.

Then I started with the other resources - the simulated exams. This prepared me most.

Then reading the Scrum guide is simple and easy and understandable.

I have not attended any aditional video courses or read any books. I have 97% on the PSM and 93% on the PSPO. I am also not a native English speaker. Make your own conclutions and plan your training careful.

When I passed the PSM, I tried the simmulated exams for the PSPO to check if it will be peace of cake and I was thinking of trying to go on with the real test. It would be a huge mistake.



08:40 pm January 19, 2019

I also passed PSM 1

I prepared for the real exam with the help of below resources (Ordered in same sequence in which it should be referred):

First I read the Scrum Guide. Though for first time, anyone can miss some minute but very important details mentioned compactly in this awesome guide, but once you go through the open assessment of SCRUM.ORG, you will able to point out these small details on you second walk through of Scrum Guide. Important thing to not that the open assessment contain the same sub set of questions which are used in real exam. The Open assessment contains 30 random questions selected from the full resource.(So its good idea to give this open assessment multiple times to increase your chance to see variety of questions)  The real exam is having the 80 Similar Questions, and the cutoff is the 85% (Duration is 60 Min Time-boxed). 

Once you consistently scored 100% in open assessment, its the time to test your skill and learning in the next assessment in Mikhail Lapshin collection of questions (It is a collection of 87 questions in which several questions are very similar to the real assessment). I suggest to start this in Learning Mode so that you will get the answer simultaneously with the correct reasoning of each answer. One you gain the confidence after multiple attempts, start the quiz in Real mode and try until you score 100% consistently.

After this you can proceed with Blogs of Mikhail and Scrum for going into deep of the Scrum. Specially the blog of the Lapshin is having several more questions which will help you finding the answer of several questions in the real assessment. So go through those extra questions.

I suggest not to go to any other book or site as there are several sites with some contradictory views and it will make you confuse. 

I followed the above procedure and successfully scored 78 points out of 80 in my first attempt after a week of study. I hope the above steps will also help you to achieve you goal as will. Good luck!


09:57 am March 22, 2019

Hello All,

I am glad to inform that I passed my PSM1 certificate  (77/80). Thanks, for the tips and the guidance on this forum which helped me to clear the PSM1 in my very first attempt.

It was just  two weeks self study for the exam but yes I have experience in scrum software development.

I would appreciate if some one can guide me on how to groom myself more in this area .

I have around 8yrs of experience in software product development in different roles/responsibilites and currently looking for a job after a long sabbatical. 



09:02 am July 4, 2019

Hi all, I just passed my PSM1 certificate (90%) in my first attempt. I am very new in this field. I studied on my own for about a month, practised a lot with the assessment test and also Mikhail Lapshin test. I found the actual exam A LOT more challenging than any of the tests I had practised and passed with 97-100% repeatedly. I had to use my common sense and general knowledge about Scrum and I guess this was enough to pass but I found it very difficult. I have never worked in an IT environment before and it might be the reason why I found it so challenging. So just to say that it is possible even with a completely different background, but it requires a good amount of study and common sense!

10:16 am October 10, 2019

Hi All, I am planning to clear PSM-I exam, little confused on the reading material and practice tests. I have gone through the scrum guide and Mikhail Lapshin practice test multiple times.

I have taken open assessment on for scrum open, is this required to complete other open assessment as well.

Where can i find the free soft copy of "scrum a pocket guide by Gunther Verheyen".

I would appreciate if you can help me in preparing for the real exam.


07:15 am January 31, 2020


Tried Searching for Fresher SCRUM Master jobs online, but all they ask for at least 2 Years of experience..!

I passed PSM1 yesterday with 91.3% in my first attempt.

I would like to my preparation here,

– I started with the affordable online courses from UDEMY, This helped me understand the basics of scrum

– After finishing the course, I started giving the Scrum Quizzes here on this website.

– I gained confidence after giving the tests from 5-6 times.

– After taking tests around 10 times I was getting 90+% all the times.

– Finally I took another affordable course for just test questions on UDEMY.

My request to all the aspirants,

– Read Scrum Guide at least 3 times.

– Best way is take tests 1-2 times then read scrum guide and then again take tests. This will really boost your confidence and knowledge.

– Also read Scrum of Scrums/ Scaling Scrum / Nexus guide, there are around 10-12 questions on it in the exam. Do not ignore it.

– 50% questions are scenario based and few of them are really tricky so prepare yourself for that as well.

God Bless,


03:57 pm January 31, 2020

What next? - Work as a scrum master, learn, gain experience. Certifications can come in thereafter.

11:02 pm April 20, 2020

Passed PSM I today at 95%!  I have some IT Analyst experience, but none with Scrum.  To prepare, I covered the Scrum Guide 6 times (including an audio version on youtube) and used the paid mplaza PSM1 course to lay my foundation.  Then, to build my testing skills and confidence, I used the free, M.Lapshin and Volkerdon assessments and the paid mplaza exam simulator until I scored 90% and above.  All in all, I dedicated a couple of hours each weekday for about a 1 week and a half.  Hopefully, this cert will help with landing new work opportunities in Scrum and prompt a desire to pursue more certifications in the future.  Best of luck to anyone pursuing similar certifications/opportunities!

04:43 pm May 16, 2020

Hi All,  I have passes PSM-1 in Jan 2020 with 97.5% in first attempt. I heard that, we can get a free attempt to PSM-2 when you achieve more than 95% in PSM-1. Is it true? Please share your thoughts.



04:44 pm May 17, 2020

Congratulations @Purush and no, it is not true. There is not a free attempt at PSM II no matter what your PSM I score was.

11:26 am June 10, 2020

Thank you Eric. 

03:38 am October 23, 2020

I also cleared my PSM 1 with 100%. 

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