Answering Those Hard Questions About Coaching and Scrum

January 21, 2020

Tuesday January 21, 2020, 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC)

Coaching is a crucial skill for effective team delivery. Creative work thrives when people are happy and collaborating, but people are complex and that can undermine an effective team. Coaching is all about helping people see the ‘truth’ to be more effective and happy. Professional coaching is the discipline supporting that objective. But where does that fit within Scrum? Is it the role of the Scrum Master, or should everyone develop these skills? In this webinar Dave West from and Maaike Klasen, Scrum Master discuss the role of coaching within Scrum. This project is an initiative with the ICF Netherlands Chapter. They will answer questions such as:

What is professional coaching?
What is the difference between agile coaching and professional coaching?
Where does coaching fit into Scrum? 
Who within a Scrum Team does coaching?
It this a separate full-time role? 
How do you justify the cost of employing a professional coach to management?