ScrumPulse: Women in Agile


Have you wondered how a woman’s unique perspective can help organizations enable sustained business agility? What unique strengths do women bring to an Agile Transformation? What challenges do women face in the Agile Industry and how can we inspire more women influencers? What is the most important advice for a woman who wants to become an Agile Influencer? How can we collectively foster the next generation of women in this industry? Join our qualified, pioneering, international panel of Women Agile Influencers as they explore these questions, share their inspiring journeys and provide actionable tips to enable more Women Agile Influencers. This session will be moderated by Daphne Harris who will guide the conversations with panelists: Jill Graves, Patricia KongPradeepa NarayanaswamyStacy Martin, and Stephanie Ockerman.