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10 Barriers To Scaling Scrum & How to Break Them Down

June 12, 2024

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What are the top barriers that typically stop organizations when they try to scale Scrum from one team to many teams?

What experiments could you try out if you wanted to overcome these barriers?

And most importantly, how can you still stay true to the principles, values and desired outcomes of Scrum as you travel on the path of scaled Scrum?

In this Scrum Pulse Webinar, PST Ravi Verma along with Mike Torrence share lessons learned from real-world engagements, in organizations ranging from 5 teams to 500 teams. You will walk away with a set of patterns that have come up across Ravi's experiences with scaling Scrum, so you can watch out for them. They also share some approaches to scaling that have seemed to work more often than not, so you can consider them as you create your own experiments in your unique context.

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