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10 Tips to Enable Self-Managing Teams

January 31, 2023

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As a Scrum Master, you are the true leader, accountable for your Scrum Team’s effectiveness. As described in the Scrum Guide, you are accountable for serving your Scrum Team so they become a cohesive unit of professionals, focused, consistent and accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint.

But what if you are unable to create this outcome? What are some places you can look and some adjustments you can explore? What barriers might be preventing the creation of self-managing Scrum Teams? And what experiments could you try to break through these barriers?

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma explores these questions with a US military veteran and practicing Scrum Masters – Mike Torrence. Mike draws upon his lived experience to share the top barriers his Scrum Teams have typically faced on the path to self-management and some practices that have helped him break-through. He shares e a playbook based on what they learned by attending the Applying Professional Scrum training course and the Agile For Patriots program.


Mike Torrence

Mike Torrence is a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Consultant, change agent and
a US Navy Veteran. He was previously a Customer Support and Customer
Specific Testing Engineer for a major Telecom Company. Mike values open
communication, teamwork, cultural diversity & inclusion, and a drive to
continuously improve and innovate for teams’ successes. He recently helped a
Scrum Team complete one of the largest, most complex, and most successful
multi-product releases in the history of the client organization.

Mike is a relentless learner with multiple certifications in Scrum, Agile,
and Coaching. He holds a wide range of certifications including PSM-I,
3.0, Certified ROI Practitioner, SA, PK-1, Flow System, Scrum The Toyota

 Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma is a PST, a Certified Professional
Co-Active Coach and a Certified ROI Professional. He is the founder and CEO
of SmoothApps – an Agile Training, Coaching
and Consulting firm and Al Dente <>  – a firm that
simplifies the path to ROI Based transformation.

Ravi has around 20+ years of experience in Software Delivery
including 10+ years helping organizations with Scrum adoption. He has been a
Scrum coach for organizations ranging from 10 people to 10,000 people in
diverse industries including travel, banking and healthcare.

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