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7 Steps To Reclaim Your Scrum Master Super Power

January 20, 2022

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Over the years, we have trained, mentored and coached hundreds of Scrum Masters. As we reflect on our experience, one truth seems to stand out - many Scrum Masters we meet are driven by a purpose.

Being a Scrum Master is not just a job for them. It is a calling to help others. It is a calling to live by principles and values higher than the principle of survival. The Scrum Master is accountable for the Scrum Team's effectiveness and they are most fulfilled when they are truly honoring their calling.

Unfortunately, in some organizations that claim to adopt Scrum, a Scrum Master is not always fully respected and they are only responsible for scheduling meetings, typing up notes, and being a management enforcer to deliver on-time, on-budget and ever-increasing scope projects. Being trapped in such roles can really affect the morale of purpose-driven Scrum Masters and they are unable to really utilize their super power of supporting the Scrum Team. But what can Scrum Masters do to avoid this pattern? If you are interested in the answers to this question, please join us in this webinar.

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma shares seven concrete steps that purpose-driven Scrum Masters can take to avoid and escape this trap while reclaiming their Scrum Master superpower.



Ravi is the founder and Org Whisperer at SmoothApps and a Professional Scrum Trainer. He recently co-founded his second startup - Al Dente, a platform that helps Agile Coach’s and organizations empirically manage and improve business outcomes in tandem with Agile delivery frameworks like Scrum.

Ravi has 20+ year of Software Delivery and Consulting Experience with including Agile Enablement for companies ranging from 10 people to 10,000 people. Ravi is the creator of the Sabotagile Manifesto and Sabotagile Principles , co-creator of Software Code of EthicsScrum Pulse Webinars Scrum Tapas Videos and co-founder of the meetup group Agile DevOps DFW. He is a certified trainer for Sharon Bowman’s “Training From The Back of the Room” courses and integrates brain-friendly learning into his training. He is also a Certified ROI Professional from the ROI Institute and integrates ROI Based Learning techniques into his training, coaching and consulting. Ravi is a Co-Active Scrum Coach and has completed 104 hours of training and 25 intense weeks of certification from the Co-Active institute.

As a grateful immigrant to the USA, Ravi felt a strong urge to give back to the country that adopted him and co-founded a non-profit – Agile For Patriots to provide free Agile training, certification, experience, mentoring and coaching to US Military Veterans and Spouses. Since its founding, Agile For Patriots has helped 44 candidates graduate from the program through 7 cohorts and is now preparing for the launch of their 8th cohort scheduled for Q1 2022.

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