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Agile Leadership and Challenges in Digital Transformations

February 12, 2020

A digital transformation presents a number of challenges. At the core of these challenges lies the organization's ability to create more responsibility at the individual and team level without losing their sense of control and governance. Addressing issues such as team maturity, psychological safety, and scaling have critical impact on success. Developing skills in these leadership areas is essential to encourage and support more flexible ways of working at all levels in an organization and form the foundation for scaling changes across many individuals and teams. Agile practices become more embedded in organizations of all sizes in every domain.

This Webinar is an interactive conversation between experts in the field of Agile Leadership:

  • Alan Brown, as a Professor at the University of Exeter helps organizations on a strategy level to understand and deliver digital transformation across multiple business units. Alan recently released his new book, Delivering Digital Transformations.
  • Ron Eringa as a Professional Scrum Trainer for the Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials course at helps organizations in creating a leadership-culture where self-organizing teams can thrive.

Ron and Alan discuss their current experiences with agile leadership and assess how they fit into organizations’ strategies to deliver better products and services, and to transform their ways of working.







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