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Agile Leadership Toolkit- Learning to Thrive with Self-Managing Teams

October 30, 2019

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We live in uncertain times created by the move from the age of mass production to the digital age. Traditional management and leadership practices were developed to manage work, to build the process, and to provide the intelligence for work to be done. We are moving to a world where, by necessity, teams have to be empowered to respond to their environment. Agility is turning the world upside down. Agility is the future.

But how do you create this thriving environment for self-managing teams? How do you facilitate teams in such a way that they take real ownership? How do you create enough structure to prevent chaos but also avoid falling back into micromanagement? Is your role as a leader to sit on your hands and trust the autonomy of the teams?

This webinar focuses on the key areas in the new book, Agile Leadership Toolkit- Learning to Thrive with Self-Managing Teams. Peter Koning, Professional Scrum Trainer and author of the book, provides practical, concrete tools and examples to give you the ability to create an environment in which your teams will thrive. Peter also dives into the Agile Leadership Toolkit presented in the book. The agile leader has the following practical tasks:

1. Co-create goals
2. Facilitate ownership
3. Learn faster
4. Design healthy habits

Peter touches on how successful agile leaders provide their teams with the support they need by successfully mastering each of these four tasks and how they can make better decisions based on the clear goal, create perseverance and energy with ownership, and respond quickly based on fast learning ability, all in an inspiring culture with healthy habits.

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