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Agile Wire Podcast - Scrum And UX With Jeff Gothelf

April 9, 2020

Jeff Gothelf is the author of LeanUX as well as Sense and Respond. He is a thought leader in the UX space and working on his next book Forever Employable.

We talk a bit about the idea of being sought after by organizations. Not just being a thought leader or an independent consultant. We're excited to read more then the book drops later this year.

Get the product in front of customers to validate you're actually delivering real value. Again, value is assumed until you put it in front of your customers. Even today with most of us on lock down there's still ways with the tools that are out there.

The topic of top down leadership cropped up in the discussion. How are companies trying to change the reward structure and incentives to be more driven from the bottom instead of the top where decisions are made, at best, from lagging indicators. Maybe companies are just afraid because they know there would be a mutiny? Sounds like Craig Larmans first law.

The quickest way to demotivate a team is to separate them from their customer.



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