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Agile2017: What the Agile development model needs to do next

August 9, 2017

It's more than 16 years old now, but Agile still struggles to achieve broad enterprise adoption. Here's what Agile2017 speakers and attendees are suggesting for the future including some thoughts from CEO Dave West.

Dave West, CEO and product owner of, acknowledged that there are lots of challenges when it comes to Agile and Scrum, but it's time to get smarter about how Agile is done and not do band-aid type fixes like renaming it. "We need a reboot in a lot of cases, but we don't need a reinvention," he said. In his ideal world, you'd empower the people who know what they're doing and get middle managers on board.  "The future of Agile isn't 3.0 or renaming it, but instead it's making it consumable for those groups. The biggest challenge is to take a high-level instruction and convert it into a series of understandable instructions and then make sure people are doing it."