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Ask A Professional Scrum Trainer - Chad Beier - What's My Product? How to Rationalize Demand and Delivery

December 18, 2018

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PST Chad Beier hosted an interactive Q&A session on how to rationalize your demand (where the work comes from) and your delivery (the people doing the work) to inform your decisions on how to organize your teams and backlogs.

The types of questions that were answered included:

- Where does the business analyst role fall in Scrum?
-How do you handle architecture in Scrum with the architect is shared with multiple teams?
-Do you have recommendations for Backlog Refinement and prioritization for a single smaller Scrum Team handling multiple products with different stakeholders?
-What is your recommendation for organizations calling out services as multiple products?
-How do you define a product?
-How do you manage contracts for Scrum products/projects?

About Chad Beier

Chad works with all levels of the organization to optimize your business to respond to change. He is passionate about moving organizations and people closer to agility.

His first experience with "agile", Scrum specifically, was in 2005. He was part of a global transformation team responsible for software customizations driven by a global consolidation of accounting software. He ran into typical implementation challenges and organizational impediments.

Around 2012, his passion for lean, agile, and continuous improvement grew. He left his traditional business analyst and project manager roles behind and evolved into an internal change agent kickstarting an agile transformation. Now in an advising role as an external change agent across many organizations, he promotes organizational agility and positive pressure for change.

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