Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer - John Riley and Ben Thorp

November 9, 2021


Tuesday November 9, 2021 11:00 AM EST (14:00 UTC) 

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it is difficult to master. The Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing. This particular episode focuses on regulating workflow of IT and non-IT teams and focusing on continuous delivery.

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PSTs John Riley and Ben Thorp answer questions related to regulating workflow effectively and developing a test-first mindset. They provide insight on practices and techniques useful to kickstarting continuously delivering software and non-software products.