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Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer - Scrum Outside of Software

August 25, 2022

Featuring PSTs Shirley Santiago, Mary Iqbal and Daria Bagina

Scrum has been in existence for more than 25 years as a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it can be difficult to apply effectively. The Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing.

In this recording of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PSTs Daria BaginaShirley Santiago and Mary Iqbal answer burning questions about Scrum particularly when using Scrum in a setting that is not software-based, such as marketing, human resources, energy, insurance, finance, construction and more!!

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