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Beyond Agile: Building Adaptive Organizations

February 20, 2024

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Agile has revolutionized how work is done. How can we now apply this thinking to create adaptive organizations that realize their full potential?

Businesses and their leaders need to keep up with global changes, internal expectations and new customer behaviors. While agile delivery practices have helped, many firms are not designed and organized in a way to truly capitalize on the opportunities Agile presents. In this Scrum Pulse, PST Edwin Dando and Kacper Mazek - Partners from Radically Consulting - share some lessons learned based on their experiences working with organizations together over the past 5 years. They cover the following areas organizations should focus on to be more adaptive and deliver strategy more effectively:

- What are the key components of an adaptive organization?
- When might we consider an adaptive operating model?
- What are the critical things to get right?
- What approaches have others taken and how well have they worked?
- What organisational capability needs developing?
- How do you successfully implement this type of change?

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