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13 Reasons Why The ROI Of Your Agile Training Died! (And How You Can Save It The Next Time)

July 23, 2021
13 Reasons Why The ROI Of Your Agile Training Died! (And How You Can Save It The Next Time)

1. I did not clarify up front to my prospects how important their ROI is to me

2. After closing the deal, I did not educate my clients on the definition of ROI

3. I did not educate them in the research backed approach from the ROI Institute that helps organizations manage the ROI of Learning

4. I did not ask them to quantify their target ROI

5. I did not co-create quantified targets for the 14 key lead indicators of learning ROI

  1. Learners complete pre-work
  2. Learners stay engaged
  3. Learners complete learning
  4. Learners complete feedback
  5. Learners find the learning environment helpful
  6. Learners find the trainer effective
  7. Learners find the learning relevant
  8. Learners find that their knowledge increased
  9. Learners find the learning impactful
  10. Learners find the learning actionable
  11. Learners find the learning recommendable
  12. Learners pass exam to validate their learning
  13. Learners change their behaviors and habits by applying the learning
  14. Learners make a visible, measurable business impact by applying the learning

6. I did not help us visualize our targets for lead and lag indicators using an approach similar to the one below

Targets for Lead Indicators of Learning ROI Targets for Lead Indicators of Learning ROI

7. I did not ask my client, executives, managers and students - 'What might get in our way?' of effectively implementing this approach to achieve our ROI target

8. I did not ask them - 'How might we overcome these impediments?'

9. I did not get their buy-in to measure every step of the way

10. I did not get their buy-in to review the actuals, compare against targets, learn and course correct every step of the way

11. I did not manage the 14 lead indicators of ROI like an ROI funnel the way a disciplined sales force manages their sales funnel...

The Learning ROI Funnel


12. I did not facilitate regular, frequent ROI reviews to help us inspect and adapt the ROI of learning

OK, so this is only 12 reasons. And I promised 13. So maybe I lied.

Or if you include each of the 14 indicators as a reason, then I under-promised and over-delivered and gave you 26!

How do you manage the ROI of your Agile Training?

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