July 9, 2020

[2 Mins FAQ] How Can The Scrum Master Make The Scrum Team More Self-Organised?

What’s up awesome people. I hope you had a great week and ready for the weekend. In this [2 Minutes FAQ] video, I will answer the frequently asked questions: How can the Scrum Master make the Scrum team more self-organised? I will most likely get this question in my Professional Scrum Master (PSM) classes, so I thought I made it as a video. If you as a Scrum Master also had this question, watch my explanation in just 2 minutes.

Do you have any question that I most likely can answer in 2 minutes for this series? Just leave a comment down below and let’s see if your suggestion can make it to the next video. See you until my next video. Stay safe and Scrum On.