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30 books for Scrum Masters

May 15, 2017

Hi everyone! In this article, I'd like to share my list of top 30 books for Scrum Masters.

I've read all of these books and used them in my practice. They actually work! :) The books cover all eight areas of the  Scrum Master competency model developed by the  Agile Coaching Institute:




Agile-Lean Practitioner

This is the first and foremost area of Scrum Master's skills. A Scrum Master is a practitioner living by the Agile and Scrum values (Openness, Commitment, Courage, Respect, Focus) not in word but in deed. A seasoned Scrum Master has brought up at least several teams and has years of experience under his belt. Here's a list of books that will help you dive into this area.


Teaching & Mentoring

A Scrum Master is an expert, and therefore a teacher/mentor when it comes to understanding real (classic) Scrum. If you wake up a good Scrum Master in the middle of the night, he will instantly list the 11 elements of Scrum and tell you how Scrum values are connected to empirical process :) Here's a list of books on this area.



A Scrum Master has the skills of a professional coach. He has studied at various coaching federations, knows how to ask insightful open-ended questions, and firmly holds the coaching stance. These three books will help you develop these skills.



You cannot overestimate the importance of facilitating for Scrum Masters, because a Scrum Master is in charge of ensuring the efficiency of the process and facilitating the Development Team decisions. I recommend that Scrum Masters who are just starting out acquire this skill first. Use these books:


Technical Mastery

Here are books for a Scrum Master who aims for technical mastery and wants to coach teams on engineering practices:


Business Mastery

Coaching and training Product Owners are important tasks for a Scrum Master. This causes many questions: Which product techniques do I use for Product Backlog? How can I help optimize the business value? How do we define product development strategy? The answers can be found here:


Transformational Mastery

If a Scrum Master wants to transform organizations and their culture and, what's most important, is brave enough for this, he becomes an agent of organizational change. You'll find useful tools in these books:


That's it! I hope you'll find this list useful. I would love to see more real Scrum Masters: practitioners, teachers/mentors, coaches, drivers of engineering and business/product practices, and agents of change!


About the Author


My name is Ilia Pavlichenko, I am an Agile Coach at Unusual-Concepts. Furthermore, I am a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at and a founder of the Scrum Day Russia conference, Scrum Russia user group and meetups Inspired By Agile, Large-Scaled Scrum (LeSS) Russia. I don't spend a single minute working, because I do what I love. Scrum is my hobby and my life. Want to learn how to become an effective Scrum Master or Product Owner? Join me at Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) trainings.


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