January 4, 2018

6 Things I learned from 5 Mentors in my Life

Everyday I wake up and wonder, “Where am I”? Where am I going?


I was not clear on where am I heading. I started as a Java developer in EDS- Electronic Data Systems and Progressed through various assignment. But what my Institution gave me? Institutions are just cloning people and everyone is trying to mark their Identity, so am. But It took me no where. Thats when I reinvented myself.


Mentors need not be real, they could be Virtual too, Here am Mentioning 5 Mentors that I came across in my life that Changed my life drastically.


Mentor 1: James Altucher (Virtual -Indirect) - Reinventing Oneself


James is a great writer  and one of my of Favorites  “Reinvent” yourself,  The world is changing so quickly, I knew Software, but with that alone can I reinvent myself? Probably no from my experience. A few years ago no-one had tablets/smart phones, Now almost everyone has that. Greatest artist (Picasso) reinvented themselves every five years. So , I felt its time for me to reinvent myself. 


What is re-invent?

Finding new sources of income. We cant ignore the money is important. Money buys freedom. But finding well being is also Important which I have learned from James. Thanks for your wonderful article!


Mentor 2: Stephen Covey(Virtual - Indirect) - Emotional Intelligence


Who needs Introduction about Stephen? Of course one of my all time favorites 7 habits of highly effective people, The 8th habit stunned me, Here is what he says,


The Knowledge Worker Age". He says that "[t]he challenges and complexity we face today are of a different order of magnitude." The 8th habit essentially urges: "Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.”


We didn't have retrenchment to the Intense we have today, We didn't have billions of people in the world few decades before, the complexity is high, Software is eating the world, Human made software controls many of us. But how do we find our voice and Inspire others? Such a thought provoking question in me started to evoke. When I was in a stressful job, I was contemplating should i quit now and find a job? Or should I find a job and quit. If I have to quit my commitments kills, if I continue of course I am suiciding, Step back and thing from a situation , Dont attach your personality and situation together you will go nowhere. Find a voice in you and you are the best adviser of yourself!


Mentor 3: Simon Sinek - Empathy( Virtual - Indirect)


I work as a Coach , I preach empathy in all my assignments , but do I have empathy? I discovered I dont when I was working in my first assignment in 2014. When I started listening to  his speeches I discovered a new mentor “Marines”,

Many people think leadership is about rank, power and privilege, Marines believe that true leadership is the willingness to place others’ needs above your own.

Simon Sinek, author, consultant and famous TED speaker, gave a powerful talk on leadership’s responsibility to teach employees how to build strong, personal relationships. He spoke how we often lack empathy, and of the need for us to look and experience the world through another’s perspective.Bravo, Simon!

For that reason Sinek titled his 2014 book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t—a follow-up to his powerhouse Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.


This gave me a different perspective of what empathy is ? I started practicing it, Of course I am not there yet, but definitely trying to be…


Mentor 4 :  Steve Porter (Real - Direct ) - Patience


Patience is a Virtue, One of my ambitions in my life is to become a "Trainer". I choose to become Professional Scrum Trainer for variety of reasons ( Lets not get in to there now ). I went to attend my PSM TTT during my PST journey of course thats a journey, I was close to a feeling like I was going to do it successfully I did as I believed and moved on to the next stage.


Then comes the challenging “Peer Review” - It was around 8:30 PM i believe ( am weak in remembering things), I sat for my peer review, There were bunch of PST’s sitting virtually over the call and having an engaging conversation with me by asking  me some questions . It was a 45 mins call, I felt am done.  After few mins, I got to receive my feedback 

"You are not there “yet” “- Rejection put me to the state of Frustration & Here is what I learnt after having a conversation with Steve,


“I learned how to handle “No”.

“I learned that I had to be stand out in some way “

“I learned how to be better version myself”

“I learned to be persistent without resentment”.


Mentor 5:  My mother - ( Direct and Powerful)


My Mother is not educated , She did her class 3rd and she could not continue her studies as she lost her father when she was just 7 years old, I could not imagine this situation. But it is what it is.


“Nothing is more Important than the Cultivation of yourself” - Society is made up of Individuals. The only way to Improve society is to come at it from a place of deep satisfaction. The only  way to do that is to spend long periods of time just being silent.


Silence is powerful and at times it generates more than billion opportunities to traverse through the uncertainty.

I can't thank my mother, But if I were given an opportunity to thank, All my credits goes to my mother


Everything is a Mentor, If you are Zero and have passion to become +1 , Its all about reinvention. The trees you see but you wont see the roots, But thats what helping the tree stand!

If you want to reinvent yourself ,Find a Mentor thats a great starting point to continue to develop your PLUS, MINUS and ZERO. They compound exponentially into an exponential life.


Stephen Covey, James 'Reinvent yourself", Personal experiences :)