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7 Questions To Decide If Your Organization Is "Ready" For Scrum

September 1, 2020

Have you ever faced challenges in enabling effective adoption of Scrum in an organization? If not, you have something awesome going and this blog might not be a good use of your time.


For others who might have faced some challenges, here are some questions I often reflect on when I fall short of my aspirational goals...

1. Are my teams struggling because I am not doing an effective job as a Scrum Coach...?

2. Are my teams struggling because Scrum is not a good fit for this organization...?

3. Could there be some other reason...?


Having been part of Scrum adoptions with very diverse organizations for more than 10 years now, I have a new hypothesis...

4. Could my teams be struggling because the organization is not "ready" for Scrum?


So I started looking back at all my cringe-worthy failures and tried to reverse engineer a "Definition of Ready" for Scrum that might help me make more informed decisions about which organizations I choose to help. Here it is and I would love to learn if / how you might use it or improve it...


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