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Are You Measuring the Right Things in Your Organization?

February 21, 2024

As I reflect on the transcript of Martin’s video, I can’t help but think about the fear that organizations and people have in addressing the real problem, which is the way the system works. Instead of tackling the root cause, they focus on small changes around the edges, such as pushing responsibility down the organization for some things but not others, and running ceremonies like daily stand-ups. However, these mechanisms are not the end goal, and measuring their success is not the same as measuring the success of the organization. 🤔

I suggest measuring return on investment, profit per team member, feedback loops, cost to deliver, meantime to repair, time to learn, and identifying market opportunities. These are the things that truly matter and can drive an organization towards success. It takes courage to admit that more significant changes are needed, but the rewards can be great. 💪

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The key topics discussed in the video are:

  1. Fear of addressing the real problem
  2. Focus on small changes
  3. Importance of measuring the right things
  4. Identifying market opportunities
  5. Failure rate of startups and ideas

It’s important to have the right philosophy and approach when it comes to measuring success in an organization. Are you measuring the right things in your organization? Comment below! 💬

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