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Are you missing product market fit opportunities?

June 20, 2020

Sprint Review Enables Product Market Fit

1. Do you hold frequent, recurring product market discussions with stakeholders and Development Team members?

2. Do you or your Product Owner, review all features as development is underway, or do you wait until just prior to deployment?

3 & 4. Do you or your Product Owner, facilitate these reviews? If so, are these working sessions, or instead, are these simply status update meetings?

5. Do these reviews include inspection of market conditions, or are they simply focused on recently built features?

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Do you refer to Sprint Reviews as Demos? If so, I have a question. Why would your stakeholders feel the need to attend a meeting if the purpose is to see a product demo? Would they always feel they are needed at such a meeting? Or could it be that they often believe that their skills, knowledge, and experience are more needed elsewhere?

In your Sprint Reviews, is the Product Owner seeing features for the first time? At that point, it's too late to make any significant changes: the Sprint is over!

Do Sprint Review participants act like the exclusive purpose is to present the increment to the Product Owner? If so, what are you missing?

Are your Sprint Reviews conducted like status meetings? Or, contrariwise, do Scrum Team members and stakeholders collaborate to perform product planning and inspect market opportunities?

In you Sprint Reviews, when the product increment has been demonstrated and discussion about the current increment has stopped, do you adjourn? Or, instead, do you inspect and change the Product Backlog with the help of stakeholders?

If some of your Sprint Review meeting resemble these depictions, you should consider how Professional Scrum could improve your product outcomes. Your customers will be glad you did!

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