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Are You Too Scared to Address the Real Problem?

February 19, 2024

As I reflect on my own experiences, I realise that it can be daunting to address the real problem. It’s often easier to focus on small changes that feel more manageable. But, as Martin points out, these small changes are not what we should be measuring. Instead, we need to focus on the bigger picture and measure the things that truly matter, such as return on investment and feedback loops. 🎯

I suggest that instead of focusing on small changes around the edges, such as pushing responsibility down the organisation for some things but not others, or having people run ceremonies like daily stand-ups, we should be measuring return on investment, profit per team member, feedback loops, cost to deliver, meantime to repair, time to learn, and what the product does not do that it could do, which is a market opportunity.

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Here are the key topics discussed in the video:

  1. Fear of addressing the real problem
  2. Focus on small changes
  3. Importance of measuring the right things
  4. High failure rate of startups and ideas
  5. Importance of being focused on business effectiveness

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