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Best Sprint With My Scrum Team

March 2, 2021



Best Sprint With My Scrum Team (parody of Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers)

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I grew up in a waterfall org
Had an agile mindset at my core
Planned my project schedule tight
Had my project team working day and night

Well I took a course to learn something
About a framework called Scrum I’d never seen
I wasn’t convinced so we just started sprinting
Put our work up on the wall and kept inspecting notes

First Sprint with my Scrum Team
We just keep on iterating
We’re trying to build Increments
But there’s so many impediments

Well I don’t know if I’ll be Done
Having nothing demo isn’t fun
Attending all events and inspecting
But I still don’t have a cross-functional team

Oh my my, oh Scrum yes
Can you help with my agile process?
Buy me a book, sing me a song
Teach me real Scrum ‘cause I think I’m doing it wrong

Best Sprint with my Scrum Team
We’re continuously improving
Releasing all our Increments
And removing our impediments

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