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Can Culture Really Be Changed Directly?

February 8, 2024

Many people believe that in order to change the culture of an organisation, one must focus on changing the culture itself. However, Martin argues that culture is not something that can be changed directly. Instead, it is an outcome of the way things are done within an organisation, and the way the system engages people.

Key topics from the video include:

  • Agile transformation is not a thing
  • Culture cannot be changed directly
  • Culture is an outcome of the system
  • Change the system to change the culture
  • Monitor the outcomes and keep shifting the system

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So, if culture is an outcome of the system, what does this mean for organisations looking to change their culture? It means that instead of focusing on changing the culture itself, they should focus on changing the system and the way it engages people. By tweaking the system, making small or large changes as needed, and monitoring the outcomes, organisations can shift the culture in the desired direction.

But what do you think? Can culture really be changed directly, or is it an outcome of the system? Comment below!

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