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Can You Help Me Write A Story...?

November 24, 2015

It is my favorite time of the year - Fall, the season of thanks, reflection and resolutions.

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, I look back with thanks and appreciation at all this year has given to us. Among other things, I am thankful for you being part of my journey. So I started writing a story about you....


We are now in November 2016. The past 12 months have been the wildly successful for your company's Agile Transformation. Your company has become the watering hole of Agility in the area. The smartest I.T. talent in your area visits events at your location, envies the electricity in the air and leaves their resume at the front desk, hoping for a call back.





News about your Agile transformation has spread in the I.T. industry. Videos from your team's Agile Ceremonies are getting millions of hits on YouTube. You are regularly hosting Agile Evangelists from other companies as they visit your company to figure out the secret sauce and how they can replicate what you have done.






It is a Friday afternoon. The monthly Agile Inspiration lunch has just ended and was one of the most electrifying presentations you both have seen. A reporter from the most respected Tech Magazine in the industry is lounging with you in the team area, observing the energy around you. It is a nice, wide open area, full of excitement and buzz, as teams collaborate with each other thinking up magical ways to deliver value to your customers.






The reporter looks at you and says...“How is today different from when you started? Can you give me some examples that illustrate the transformation your teams have gone through...?” You look back and start thinking. And then you say...

This is where I got stuck. Can you help me write this story....?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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