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Ditching Dogma, Welcoming Adaptability

November 2, 2023

Scrum is a potent framework, and I've observed that its real strength emerges not from blind adherence but from understanding and flexibility. At its core, Scrum isn't about following rules to the letter, but about grasping the underlying principles and tailoring them to one's unique environment.

It's not about merely ticking off tasks or fitting into predefined moulds. It's about comprehending the core tenets and then moulding them to what works best for the team and the project. This, I believe, requires a dash of pragmatism. Scrum's real power is in its adaptability, not in rigid adherence.

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Consider the analogy of a recipe. A recipe offers a guideline, but any seasoned chef will tell you that it's those personal tweaks – a touch of this, a sprinkle of that – that elevate a dish. Similarly, while Scrum offers a framework, it's our individual adaptations, tailored to our unique challenges, that truly determine its efficacy.

However, I also emphasise the importance of truly understanding the framework before making changes. Without a solid grasp of the basics, how can one discern what to adjust? It's this balance between knowledge and adaptation that's pivotal.

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