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Embrace The Basics

February 19, 2020

Let's look at the bigger picture, leaving out the details. What we all mostly want is better health, better fitness and better movement quality.

What is fitness all about? Fitness is about being functionally fit so that one can perform one’s daily chores without falling apart as one gets older. That is, we all want to feel, look, move and function better. There is not one but many ways to do that.

This is why there are so many different training plans, workouts & nutrition that deliver results. But they are all built around a few basic concepts. If you can embrace these fundamentals, and create a strong foundation, you're sure to look, feel and function better for a long time to come.

It’s same with Scrum. If you don’t embrace the basics, if you don’t co-create a strong foundation, things will stagnate and fall apart!

1) Workout at least 3-4 days a week and stay active everyday (increase your movement quality, take the stairs, walk to the shops, carry your grocery bags, do walk the talk meetings, be hungry for moving around).

Stay true to the purpose of your Daily Scrum, inspect how the progress is trending towards the Sprint Goal and collaboratively re-plan your work as a unified Scrum Team for the next 24hrs?

2) Don’t overeat, eat until you are 80% full

Create a synergistic Sprint Goal and focus on accomplishing the goal in the Sprint, rather than pulling disparate, unrelated items from the Product Backlog to fill your plate?

3) Eat more of vegetables and protein in every meal

Focus on delivering Increments of potentially releasable functionality in every Sprint, that meets the Scrum Team’s current version of DoD. As a Development Team, visualize the remaining work in the Sprint Backlog at least every Daily Scrum to self-manage the progress?

4) Sleep enough(7 hrs-8 hrs) daily to feel rested and refreshed

Work at a sustainable pace that you can maintain in the long run and as a Scrum Team, use the Sprint Retrospective as means to inspect on how to become more effective and focus on improving 1 step at a time.

5) Maintain a log of your trainings/workouts, inspect how you did your actual training sessions and use the feedback to update your upcoming training sessions.(If you work with a qualified coach/trainer here it’s a WIN WIN – trust the process and trust the coach).

Raise the transparency of your work and its progress within your Scrum Team. Get regular feedback from your stakeholders, as a result from inspecting the Product Increment at the Sprint Review and transparently adapt the Product Backlog to refine the focus for the upcoming Sprint(s).

#MakeFitnessAHabit #ScrumOn

Inspiration and References:

Co-founder and Coach Arvind Ashok ,at The Quad Fitness Pvt. Limited, Madras, India

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