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Executives: are you thinking of "kicking the can down the road?" on true agility. Think again.

May 16, 2020

Executives: there are many reasons for agility. You already know this.

Check out - you decide which reasons are better for your context, some reasons are better than others.

See my change story for agility at

The people we need in new teams/teams-of-teams need to support a fresh mindset.


The chase for clarity doesn't lead to good outcomes.

If you think you can/should "kick the can down the road", not take agility seriously, or dilute its effects so you can "tick the box" of copying your competitors, think again.

I believe Cynefin provides the main reason that strategy leads to increased risk. Treat complexity with simplicity, not best practice.

Check out

But, be careful. Arranging agility within each function might not lead to good outcomes either. If you started there, have a look at how to progress out of there to a better place.

Why not inspire your people to move with you? #agility #cynefin #scrum #kanban #complexity #agile #agileleadership

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