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Facilitation: Virtual Ecocycle Planning on August 20, 2020, at the #25 Hands-on Agile

July 23, 2020

TL; DR: Exploring a Virtual Ecocycle Planning with Mural — A Live Virtual Meetup on August 20, 2020

Let’s try our favorite Liberating Structure microstructure in a remote setting with Mural, Zoom, and Qiqochat: virtual Ecocycle Planning.

📅 🖥 Virtual Ecocycle Planning on August 20, 2020, at the #25 Hands-on Agile

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How to Participate in the 25th Hands-on Agile Meetup

If you want to participate in the Virtual Ecocycle Planning on August 20, 2020, you have to RSVP at Hands-on Agile’s meetup page. I will provide you with the links to the event on August 19, 2020.

How to Prepare for Participation

Please use suitable devices for the best experience of the virtual Ecocycle Planning:

  • Please avoid smartphones for your participation. Use a device that provides a large screen. (I use a laptop with a large external display.)
  • Choose a stable internet connection.
  • Test for possible VPN, network, or firewall issues in advance.

Please make sure in advance that you have the necessary software installed and updated:

  • Install the Zoom app on your device beforehand to avoid VPN or firewall issues two minutes before the class starts. (Avoid attending the sessions via a web-browser; use the Zoom app instead.)
  • Update your browser; Chrome, Safari, and Firefox usually work well in their latest versions.
  • Make sure you have access to Google Apps; we will need them.
  • Close all applications that are not needed to save resources for running the class. (Also, this keeps distractions at a minimum.)

Please note that there will be an attendee limit. At any given time, no more than 100 attendees are admitted to the session. Be there in time, as we close the event for new arrivals a few minutes into starting it.

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