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Get Right Back On Track

December 10, 2020

It's totally okay that you spent, the weekend eating, drinking and making merry. That's what festivals are for. But don't undermine the power of jumping right back on track.

Get that workout in, get back to your training zone, clean up your pantry, start checking off that to-do list for the week and get back on track. Nothing has been lost and nothing much has been gained - all you need to focus on is just getting right back on track without letting the weekend turn into an entire week and then into an entire month.

There is no place for guilt, remorse or overcompensation in this journey of fitness. All you need to do after a day or two of excesses is just get right back on track and continue doing things you were already doing. It's really that simple.

Same with Scrum - it's really that simple. It's okay if your Daily Scrum lacked focus for couple of days. It's okay, if in this Sprint, you did not have a synergistic Sprint Goal. It's fine, if your Sprint Review lacked the transparency about the release progress to your stakeholders. It's possible that your Sprint Retrospective was just a fun filled get together, without any actionable improvement. It's okay if you had issues with your test environment that prevented you from delivering an useable functionality. It happens that your Scrum events were mechanical and was totally out of place.

Just be aware of these signs, have the courage to transparently inspect these observations as one Scrum team and commit to get back on track now, this day and immediately - you are well on the way towards progress.

Until next time, sweat it out, rinse, recover and repeat !

#MakeFitnessAHabit  #1repatatime #ScrumOn

Inspiration, Credits and References:

  • Co-founder and Coach, Arvind Ashok ,,The Quad Fitness Pvt. Limited, Madras, India


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