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Hiren's Secret Conversation With Covid.

May 3, 2020

Hiren's secret conversation with Covid

*Covid is a fictional character based on my imagination that represents the strain of CoronaVirus that is causing the disease Covid-19. 

Covid-19: Knock! Knock!

Hiren: Who’s there?

Covid-19: Covid.

Hiren: Covid who?  

Covid-19: It’s me, the Corona Virus of 2019. These Homo sapiens have nicknamed me as Covid-19. I like it. Hiren, you can call me Covid. How are you?

Hiren: Oh boy…COVID!! Err.. I am doing well, but what do you want from me? Are you here to get me?

Covid-19: Oh no. I am just here for a general chitchat with you. Tell me, how’s your Scrum training business?

Hiren: Are you kidding me about the business? You have single handedly paused the entire world. Every person on this planet is scared of you. Why don’t you just disappear?

Covid-19: How rude. Why should I disappear? I love this beautiful planet too. It is equally mine, and I have been in existence here for a long time too. Let’s co-exist.

Hiren: Co-exist with you? Nonsense. I don’t want to argue with you. Tell me how may I help you?

Covid-19: I have heard the scientist communities from these Homo sapiens are using some framework called Scrum to eradicate me. Haha… Is this true? Please educate me. How?

Hiren: Correct. Well we humans are the most intelligent race on this planet Covid. Over the years you must have heard from your friends Polio, AIDS, Ebola, Nipah, Influenza and others how we handled them and we will handle you too.

Covid-19: But right now I am handling the entire Homo sapiens race. Haha. What do you know about me?

Hiren: Using the Scrum Framework, we have been continuously experimenting. Everyday iteratively and incrementally we are learning more about you. And with regular inspection and adaptation and through empirical scientific evidence we have identified many facts about you Covid.

Covid-19: Like?

Hiren: We know your Genome sequence. We know what you are made of now. We conduct Daily Scrums to put a solid plan for 24 hours and check the progress towards our goal, Sprint Review to get feedback from the key stakeholders and Sprint Retrospective to improve ourselves. We have about 80 fast paced heavily funded projects going around the globe and we will find a vaccination to destroy you soon.

Covid-19: Why is your race always angry and looking to destroy everything that comes their way? Have some respect and compassion for other organisms too.

Hiren: Why should I have respect for you? Because of you we have lost many precious lives. And only because of you the world’s economy is in shambles.

Covid-19: Honestly, I have more reasons to get angry with you. Your race is very greedy and in that greed you all have destroyed this beautiful planet. As a virus I only have the ‘need’ to find a host to survive. But in your race, even after you meet your basic ‘needs’ you have unlimited ‘wants’ and these never end. Everyone always wants more… So I am equally angry with you. But I have respect for you Homo sapiens.

Hiren: You are joking right?

Covid-19: Not really. Let me prove it to you. Your innovative race came up with a new concept called “Social Distancing”, correct?

Hiren: Yes. What about it?

Covid-19: Our race self-organized and we have agreed to not bother Homo sapiens who practice “Social Distancing” sincerely. In fact, we have extended our respect to stay away from anyone who is going to wear a mask and follow the hygiene guidelines from W.H.O. Makes sense?

Hiren: Wow Self-organized. Huh? I am glad to hear this and I will pass this message around. So are you suggesting that we both can co-exist in this ecosystem and over time we will get used to each other and maybe even complement each other?

Covid-19: Yes, of course. And Hiren…

Hiren: What?

Covid-19: Show humility.

Hiren: I will work on it Covid. In the meantime, please stop bothering and hurting my people.

Covid-19: Sure Hiren. Stay healthy and I will come to meet you soon to learn a bit more about Scrum. Bye.

Hiren: Meet me for chitchat only :)

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