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The Hostmanship Leadership

March 2, 2024

Are you the reason your employees are leaving the organization?

The Gallup study says 50% of employees leave their jobs to get away from their managers.

No salary or benefits can compensate a bad manager. Do not be the person whom people curse. But what makes a manager 'bad', and how can this be transformed?



The following may be some of the pointers:

  1. Do your people go silent when you enter the room?
  2. Do your people change their path when they see you coming from the front?
  3. Do your people wait for you to leave the office?

And many more…

You may have been taught different leadership styles, but have you ever heard about Hostmanship Leadership? It is the art of making people feel welcome. It is about getting people to feel valuable; people feel their worth in the organization.

It's a leadership style that emphasizes the importance of treating employees not just as subordinates, but as guests, with all the respect, attention, and care that this entails. It’s about fostering an environment where individuals feel a strong sense of belonging and appreciation.

How to Cultivate a Hostmanship Leadership Style

Keep your smile on while on the floor 😊 - A simple smile can work wonders. As a leader, your presence should add value and warmth to the room. Your presence should inspire and encourage your team, not intimidated or undervalued.

Get involved in the daily gossip with your team members - Be part of the daily life and conversations of your team. This doesn’t mean simply overseeing their work but being genuinely interested in their well-being, their challenges, and their successes.

Be careful while choosing your words- Communication is key in any leadership role. The words you choose can either uplift or dishearten. Ensure that your language and tone convey respect and inclusion.

Be polite and always curious to know more about them and their stories - Show genuine interest in the lives and stories of your team members. This shows that you value them as individuals beyond their professional roles.

Do not be the cabin person. Spend time walking on the floor, talking to your people - Don’t be a remote figure, detached from the daily activities of your team. By being approachable and present, you create an environment of openness and trust.

People are brilliant; they can sense your attitude. Do not try to fake it. Be authentic. 

Authenticity is at the heart of Hostmanship Leadership.

By adopting a Hostmanship approach, leaders can foster a culture of mutual respect, enhanced communication, and increased productivity.

The journey towards becoming a great leader is continuous and ever-evolving. By embracing the principles of Hostmanship, you embark on a path that leads to a more harmonious, productive, and fulfilling workplace for everyone involved.

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Source: About Hostmanship by Jan Gunnarsson

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