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How Management Implements Transparency in Large Agile "Transformations"...?

September 23, 2020

The foundation of Agility and Scrum is the principle of Empiricism - using what is happening in front of us to learn and adjust what we do next. The building block for empiricism is Transparency - objectively examining what is happening in front of us.

Sometimes, different people in the exact same situation might have different experiences and views around what is happening. There might not be a black or white answer - just varying shades of gray, or maybe as my coach David Darst might say - a brilliant spectrum of technicolor. At times like these, how might Management enable us to effectively synthesize diverse inputs as a stepping stone towards effective Empiricism and effective Agility?

As I look back at my experience guiding organizations of varying sizes on the path to Agility, I have found this to be one of the biggest challenges for Management in large companies. Here is a video based on some of our experiences. What do you think...?

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