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How To Predict The End Date Of Your Agile Transformation

September 7, 2020

Somewhere between the 15th and 45th minute of the first pre-sales call, the prospect usually asks me - "Based on what you have heard about our company, by when do you think we will be 100% Agile Transformed and what will it cost? BTW, in full transparency, we are considering other companies." Hint, Hint - We want a fixed date, fixed scope, fixed price Agile Transformation Project and we will sign the SOW with whichever company provides the cheapest and fastest quote to getting us 100% Agile Transformed.

If you are an Agile Coaching organization, how do you handle this question from your prospect? Or maybe, you are the prospect who is evaluating Agile Coaching organizations and are asking this question? Either way, since this is such a common question, I thought I would share my thoughts in a video. Let me know what you think...


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