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I am a Scrum Master. What’s next?

September 10, 2021

One frequent question that I often get from candidates that I train is - Venkatesh, what is the career path of a Scrum Master? I am a Scrum Master now. How can I build my career to the next level? Even though I don’t believe in calling out how the Scrum Mastery is done, I tried to give recommendations based on my experience.


Team Coaching

The team coaching process helps connect the overall efforts and intellect to reach a mutual target or goal. Under VUCA circumstances, the management processes are adapting to the coaching methods to strengthen the team members. We have assisted 100s of teams through our productive journey to design career courses for the team coaches. If you pick team coaching, you help the teams Improve their effectiveness through consulting, coaching, and skills training. The foundation of these methods develops from years of experience with executive leaders, organisational transformation, and teams in concern. 

To develop competencies in this area, explore tryScrum’s Team Coaching Programs.

To plan your career path explore the Team Coaching path.

Business Coaching

To plan your career path explore the Business Coaching Path.

Business coaching primarily focuses on helping the business or Product Owners construct better plans, vision, approaches, resourcing, launching, etc. It helps businesses to upscale the business from the ground level. Read More>>

About Author

Venkatesh Rajamani has more than 15 years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He loves to humanise workplaces. He founded in 2018 to execute his mission of Humanizing Organizations.

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