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Is it Worth it to become a Scrum Master?

August 3, 2021

In March 2021, I was conversing with a CTO of a Product based company. He asked me a question that if it was worth employing a Scrum Master. We discussed the topic by exchanging opinions, and I explained my viewpoint.

Through discussion, another question came up. The question was, how do we create the career roadmap of a Scrum Master? Is it truly worth it to become a Scrum Master? How can we address this doubt? Certain factors like slow economic recovery and stuck wages are essential in the said matter. But in my opinion, the answer is straightforward. It is not a crystal-clear process to design one’s career when lasting fulfilment is a target. My advice and viewpoint are as follows regarding the worthiness of the Scrum Master career path.



Seek satisfaction and expertise

How can we determine the value of our work as a Scrum Master and Coach? For addressing the question, I need to tell you my experience as a Scrum Master when I started my career as a Scrum Master in 2013.

My approach was to ask myself if I can create a positive and long-lasting impact on the concerned team or organisation. I was not into making a short-lived impact. My mentoring aspects would have been negative if applied as a short-term one. How did I recognise if the impact that I created was long-lived? There is no direct answer. You would at least require three different organisations, four identical teams, and a total of three to four years of experience, to quote the least.

Treat your career course as a trial

In my opinion, those people who try to find a meaningful purpose in their successful careers have an experimental approach.

You need to find quicker ways to confirm your career hypothesis to reach a fulfilling level. It is unnecessary to join a new job in a new industry to identify if it suits you. The first concrete step towards finding it is to have the will to experiment with different opportunities in your existing company. Be straightforward and determined to ask your employer about playing the role of a Scrum Master of the concerned team. Read More>>


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