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Minimum Viable Library (1) — Scrum Master Edition

August 7, 2023

TL; DR: The Minimum Viable Library for Scrum Masters

The Minimum Viable Library is available! Explore a series of carefully curated collections of essential books, newsletters, podcasts, and tools to elevate your agile expertise. 

Read on and learn how the recommendations for Scrum Masters cover a wide range of topics, including Scrum, servant leadership, customer value creation, coaching teams, improving team dynamics through Retrospectives, and navigating agile enterprise transformations.

Minimum Viable Library (1) — Scrum Master Edition

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The Minimum Viable Library Scrum Master Edition

These are my six books of the Minimum Viable Library Scrum Master edition*:

  1. Gunther Verheyen: “Scrum – A Pocket Guide:” Gunther’s book offers a concise and comprehensive view of Scrum, providing historical context and practical insights. It is an essential companion to the Scrum Guide, making it a valuable resource for Scrum Masters and agile practitioners. It condenses critical principles and practices into an accessible format, making it an ideal reference for those seeking to understand and implement Scrum effectively. 
  2. Geoff Watts: “Scrum Mastery:” Geoff’s book is a practical and insightful guide for Scrum Masters seeking to excel in their role, thus ideally suited to become part of the minimum viable library for Scrum Master. The book delves into the art of servant leadership and offers real-life stories to foster high-performing teams. With a focus on mastering the nuances of Scrum, it equips readers with the tools and techniques to drive successful agile transformations. 
  3. Don McGreal, Ralph Jocham: “The Professional Product Owner:” Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham deliver a comprehensive guide for Product Owners to perform in their critical role best. The book emphasizes the importance of value creation for customers and helps Product Owners shift their focus from mechanics to strategic decision-making. With practical insights and proven approaches, it equips Product Owners to navigate complex challenges and lead successful product development efforts. 
  4. Lyssa Adkins: “Coaching Agile Teams:” Lyssa’s book is a definitive resource for agile coaches and Scrum Masters looking to transform their team dynamics. The book emphasizes adopting the coaching stance, guiding readers on how to move from teaching to facilitating growth and self-discovery within teams. Focusing on emotional intelligence, team development, and agile coaching practices equips practitioners with the tools and mindset needed to drive positive change and foster high-performing agile teams. 
  5. Esther Derby, Diana Larsen: “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great:” Esther’s and Diana’s classic is the definitive guide to improving team performance through Retrospectives. The book uncovers the origins of Retrospectives and offers practical frameworks and techniques to conduct effective and engaging Retrospectives. Focusing on continuous improvement and creating a safe space for candid feedback helps teams uncover their strengths and areas for growth, making this book indispensable for Scrum Masters and agile practitioners seeking to cultivate a culture of reflection and continuous learning, thereby turning good teams into great ones. 
  6. Jorgen Hesselberg: “Unlocking Agility: An Insider’s Guide to Agile Enterprise Transformation:” Jorgen’s guide is most valuable for agile practitioners embarking on organizational change. The book offers practical insights and strategies to navigate beyond the team level and embrace agile enterprise transformations. Addressing challenges and leveraging agile principles at an organizational scale empowers readers to create a culture of agility throughout the company, equipping agile champions and change agents with the tools to drive successful enterprise-wide transformations and fostering adaptability and innovation across the organization. 

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Creating a minimum viable library of carefully curated collections empowers agile practitioners to access essential resources that elevate their expertise. It condenses valuable knowledge into accessible formats, enabling individuals to stay informed, adapt to challenges, and drive successful agile transformations. Join the effort!

Which books, newsletters, podcasts, and tools do you consider essential for agile practitioners? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

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