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May 31, 2018

This is based on data from May 2017 through May 2018

Based on the feedback that I have received from my blog about the most popular blog articles, I have decided to do the same for the video series.  Over the past few years, we have generated more than 160 videos to help people learn more about Scrum.  This has lead to over 280,000 views for more than 1.6 million minutes of watching time in the last 12 months. Those are some amazing numbers.

And since I love numbers, I wanted to provide readers with some information to help you learn and hopefully what videos may be best to watch. This list focuses on videos less than 15 minutes in length.  I am breaking this list into two sections:  

  1. Most popular videos by title
  2. Most popular by average duration watched.  This means, not only did the title catch the interest of viewers, but the content kept them engaged toward the end of the video.  

Top 15 Videos by Number of Views

Top 15 Videos by Average Duration Watched

I hope you enjoy the videos in this list and it has helped you to keep learning.  To find all of our videos, you can go here.

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