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[Myth Busting] What Is A User Story?

August 29, 2020

What's up, awesome people? I hope you are having a good weekend. Recently, many people asked me how to write a perfectly detailed user story. Many of these people came from project management and business analysis background. Many people think that User Story is about a template for writing requirements. Is this what user stories is about? Well, we have to listen to Ron Jeffries, as one of the individual who came up with the User Story practice, to know what User Stories is about. In today's vlog, I visualise the real concept of User Story based on Ron Jeffries blog. Hopefully it can give you a better overview that User Story is not about the template. I also bust other myths on user stories on this vlog. Let's reduce this misconception about User Stories in the industry together. Thanks for watching this video folks.




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