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Never Serve Raw Chicken!

February 24, 2020
Never serve raw chicken!


Never serve raw chicken

The Story

A businesswoman enters a restaurant called Amazing Burgers. Amazing Burgers is renowned for its fresh and juicy burgers. It’s a small and popular place where the owner still serves his customers himself. The kitchen is visible from the dining room through a large glass window, so guests can watch the chefs at work. From watching them, it’s clear that these chefs know what they do and enjoy their work.

The owner welcomes his new customer and leads her to a table. After showing her the menu, he takes her order.

“I’d like the chicken burger deluxe, please”, the businesswoman responds. Then she adds, “Unfortunately I’m a bit in a hurry today. I have to leave in ten minutes for an important meeting. It’s one of those you can’t miss. Could you ask your chefs to be quick?”

The owner, not wanting to disappoint his customer, passes the order straight to the kitchen. After a quick chat with his chefs, he returns to her table. He looks a little uncomfortable when he tells her, “We are really sorry, but we can’t serve your order!”

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