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A New Voice a Leader Should Listen To

October 29, 2019

Do you always hear the same people speak up when you present a new idea or when you ask for feedback? You might be dealing with an important voice here. The voice of the system! A voice any leader should (learn to) listen to. If you don’t? It will never go away!

This is how I would describe a system.

The system is a complex entity that contains all the knowledge, emotions, thoughts and memories of the entire group of people. This system has its own purpose, value system. And it has a voice!

Defining the voice of the system

The Voice of the System are people who do not only have (and share) their individual opinion or vision. They sense and share what is happening in the system. Are closely connected to the values of this system and they function as the air valve when there is pressure in the system. They speak on behalf of the system they are a part of. Another entity for leaders to take into account and to listen to.

A few months ago, I spoke at Agile 2019 in Washington D.C. on this topic. And the response I received during this session was the same as any other conversation I had about the topic. As soon as I explained what this voice is, people could very quickly identify the voice in their system.

Think about this for a minute, who is the voice in your system?

Recognize the Voice in your System

If you haven’t already identified this voice, here are some signs to look for.

They speak up!

This is an obvious one but a crucial sign. When no one speaks up, you have a big problem in your system!

Loyal to the system values

A voice of the system has a close connection between the values of the system (for example the organizational values) and their own. If one of these values is under pressure or at risk, they will be the first to speak up!

Dedicated to the system

Because of the close connection of values they tend to be very dedicated to the system. They made a conscious decision based on the purpose of your organization and its norms and values to dedicate their full self to the system!

Sense of state of the system

When there is pressure, stress or unrest in the system they will feel this immediately. There is a close link to their own values and that of the system they are part of. They are the first to tell you the system is under pressure. They act the same way as the air valve on a tire. If there is pressure on the tire, that is the first place the air will come out (if you are lucky and you monitor the pressure).


Many people during my session at Agile 2019 were able to identify who used to be this voice. And it turned out a lot of them gave up being the voice and left the organization or were silenced by leadership. However, if this voice decides to leave, the pressure is still there and the voice of the system is transferred to a different person in the system. A new voice of the system!

Fed by the system (through historical events)

The voice of a system operates in the historical context of the system. It’s things we have done before and still need to be done now, which is proof the system is still there. Takeovers that haven’t been dealt with properly leaving this open wound in the system. All historical events feed this voice. They feed the system. The things the system has experienced together shape the values of the system.

It’s never the boss!

One important thing to take into account. It is never the hierarchical leader of the system. It’s never the boss! Within a leadership team there can be a voice of the system as well, within that smaller system of the leadership team. This voice always originate from deeply within the system. 

Listening to the Voice of the System

Now that you have identified the voice of the system, it is crucial for leaders to listen to this voice. An extra voice that needs some extra attention!

Create safety for the voice to speak up

In an unsafe environment people will feel less likely to speak up. This also applies to the voice of the system. Although they will usually speak up first, if there is no safety, this voice will be quiet and find different means to speak up (strike, slow down, war or leave). Find inspiration on creating safety in the video below.

Incorporate this voice into your decision making

Bringing on board this important voice, that person or those persons who tend to speak on behalf of the entire system will increase you changes of effective decision making and acceptance of the decisions made. A useful technique to apply is Deep Democracy.

Connect the voice to the entrepreneurs

The voice of the system only has a voice. Actually fixing what is under pressure, you also need to identify those who have the entrepreneurial abilities to fix whatever needs fixing. It can be the same person if you are lucky, but don’t count of it.

A new voice

The Voice of the System is an entity you, especially as a leader, should be aware of it being an essential source of information on the state of your team/department or organization. It is the Voice of the system and not the personal opinion of the person being the voice. They feel very connected to the norms and values of the system but do not personify the system! They are the air valves!

You can try to ignore the voice but it will never go away!

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