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Pia Maria Thoren and John Coleman discuss agility & its importance

April 23, 2021
Pia Maria Thoren podcast

Pia Maria Thoren joins John Coleman as his guest in the first episode of the Xagility™ podcast. 

Pia starts the episode by recalling her journey in agile and explains what fuelled the drive to write her first book: Agile People. John and Pia then embark on a deep, multifaceted, and simultaneously humorous discussion about agility.  

Pia and John opine on what they think enables the optimum functioning of agility and what motivates employees. They discuss the importance of the 'garden' metaphor in agility and talk about fostering the right environment to allow employees to achieve their full potential. 

Grab some snacks or your running shoes, and tune in here!

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