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[Podcast] How Scrum Master Can Bring Change By Being A Role Model For Agility

April 22, 2022

What's up awesome Scrum Masters? I hope you all had a great week. Many of you know that the Scrum Master is described as a true leader who serves in the Scrum Guide. Early last year (2021), I wrote a blog post on what does it mean for the Scrum Master to be a true leader who serves. In the comment section, one of the reader asked me an example (or more) how the Scrum Master can be the mirror of agility. I have taught many leaders how it's actually more effective to teach people about agile by demonstrating the behaviours that can improve organisation agility rather than teaching the theories. As the Scrum Master is one of that leader and their role is pivotal in improving organisation's agility, in today's podcast I elaborate some of Scrum Master's behaviours that can affect the organisation's agility. For all of you aspiring Scrum Masters out there, hopefully today's podcast can give you some inspiration how to influence change at your workplace by being a role model rather than emphasising the theories. Enjoy folks and have a great weekend.

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