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A Quick View of the Scrum Guide

December 13, 2019


Software and online-services companies are undergoing quick implementation of the Scrum framework in their Products. Scrum is a process framework that enables deliver complex products iteratively and incrementally while controlling the risk. Professional Scrum Masters and agile coaches are coming across the situation to set up a new Scrum Team(s). When you become a Professional Scrum Master and part of the Scrum community, the possibilities for your career achievement and individual success are endless.

Looking to start applying Scrum in your team? Read on how to get the Scrum Team off the ground and explore team dynamics, culture & collaboration, and build a great team learning along the way. The steps added in this infographic will give you a foundation on which to start the entire process.


Each organization and its team has its own way of learning and eventually, agile can make your team deliver faster and have more fun. It is all about the commitment to being a team, embracing the change and challenges that come with this dedication and at last, most of the team cherishes their journey and won’t want to go back to the old school of working. The steps I have discussed in this blog will give you an establishment on which to begin the whole procedure.

Last but not the least, The Scrum Guide is still the Single source of truth for Scrum.

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