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[Recorded Livestream] Product Owner vs Product Manager

June 17, 2020

Hey what's up awesome people. One of the most asked question in my PSPO class is "What is the difference between Product Manager and Product Owner?", "Who has higher authority than the other?". There are many blogs, articles and youtube videos on the internet that compares Product Manager and Product Owner. But unfortunately, the content on this blog and youtube videos are based on people's personal bias and limited view. These bias and limited view often times degrade the role of Product Owner. The most common misconception about the role of Product Owner that I see in the market is the Product Owner is not more than the development team secretary who writes detailed User Stories and creates that beautiful story maps on the wall.

Rather than using my personal interpretation about the role of Product Owner, I went to ask and had conversation with one of the co-creator of Scrum himself, Ken Schwaber, about his intent behind the role of Product Owner. Because without knowing someone's intent, we are just going to use our own assumption and make our own interpretation right?

As I keep on getting this question, I ran a youtube livestream to answer people's common question about the role of Product Owner. Just in case you missed the livestream, here is the recorded video for you to watch. This video is quite long compared to my usual vlog, so be prepared to reserve at least one hour to watch the whole video. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as I will be running more YT livestream in the future to bust the common myths we see in the market. If possible help me out, spread this video so we can reduce the misconception that is wide spreading in the market about the Product Owner role. :)


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