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Remote Agile Survey — Let’s Stop Guessing, Join the Study

May 11, 2020

TL; DR: Join the Remote Agile Survey

There has been no shortage of articles on how to work remotely recently, including our series on Remote Agile. While most of the ideas, lessons learned, and tips and tricks may not be new to those few remote work pioneers, they are, however, to the rest of us. The question hence is: What remote work problems are agile teams and organizations facing, and what has proven to be successful in the transition? Answering these two questions is the purpose of the Remote Agile Survey: Let us stop guessing, but collect data instead to inspect and adapt the way we can work as an agile distributed team.

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Remote Agile Survey — Let’s Stop Guessing, Join the Study

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The Questionnaire of the Remote Agile Survey

The survey comprises of 27 questions and will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. (Please note that we do not accept partial answers.) The questions cover the following areas:

  • Individual, organizational, and team challenges 
  • Collaboration issues
  • Performance metrics
  • Management reaction
  • Effective team activities
  • Tools and governance
  • Good and newly acquired practices.

The remote Agile survey is anonymous and provided by a Google form. (If your company’s firewall settings prevent you from using in Google form at work, please consider answering it at home or from a device that bypasses the firewall.)

We aim to collect 500 replies by mid of June 2020 for validity purposes, so that the resulting report should be available by the end of July 2020.

If you consider the remote agile poll useful, please help to spread the questionnaire by posting it to your social networks. Thank would be much appreciated!

👉 Participate in the Remote Agile Survey now.

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