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📺 Richard Kasperowski: Core Protocols for High-Performance Teams

November 17, 2021

Want fabulous teams that build great products? Great teams don’t happen by accident. And they don’t have to take a long time to build. Learn more from Richard Kasperowski on employing core protocols for psychological safety and emotional intelligence from this Hands-on Agile session.

📺 Watch the video with Richard Kasperowski now: Hands-on Agile #34: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety.

Richard Kasperowski: Core Protocols for High-Performance Teams — Hands-on Agile 34

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Abstract: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety

In this session, Richard laid out the case for Continuous Teaming. Then, session participants joined in a flight of fun learning activity sets that provided them with a taste of team awesomeness and how to start when you go back to work.

Richard builds on the work of Jim and Michele McCarthy, Google, Bruce Tuckman, Gamasutra, Standish Group, Peter Drucker, and Melvin Conway. His learning activity-sets are short games, using elements from improvisational theater, The Core Protocols, Extreme Programming, and more.

Who should watch the recording? Anyone who wants to create great teams and build great products. You’ll leave having embodied the essential elements of accelerated continuous team-building and awesomeness maintenance.

Who Is Richard Kasperowski?

Richard Kasperowski is an author, teacher, speaker, and coach focused on team building and high-performance teams.

Richard is the author of two books:

Richard created and teaches the course Agile Software Development at Harvard University, and he co-teaches the Spark! innovation fellowship at Boston University.

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