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Robert Annis and John Coleman discuss the agile manifesto & organizational agility

April 22, 2021
Robert Annis episode

The term organizational agility is everywhere these days, but what does it really mean? Can we even define it at all? Deepen your understanding of the manifesto and why it is essential to implementing healthy agile that delivers meaningful value.

Since its genesis, the agile manifesto has been subject to heavy analysis and subsequent criticism. Robert Annis and host John Coleman begin the episode by discussing the lack of diversity and inclusion within the group that created the Agile Manifesto. 

Whilst acknowledging the limitations of the Agile Manifesto, Robert and John praise its strengths, embarking on a balanced discussion of the manifesto’s twelve principles including 21st-century nuances and examples. Using simple anecdotes, psychological theory, and of course, humor, this discussion  guaranteed  to give you a new perspective of the Agile Manifesto.  

Put your walking shoes on or find a comfortable sofa and tune in here to this inspiring episode! 

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