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The Scrum Framework, Illustrated

November 21, 2020
This is part #38 of 59 in the series Scrum Guide 2020 Updates

With the launch of the new Scrum Guide, we also created a new illustration of the Scrum framework. This visualization includes many of the changes made in the new edition, for example:

  • The Product Goal, which describes a future state of the product that can serve as a target for the Scrum Team to plan against.
  • The focus on one Scrum Team that includes the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Developers.
  • The three commitments (Product Goal, Sprint Goal, Definition of Done) that exist to reinforce empiricism and the Scrum values for the Scrum Team and their stakeholders.

The poster shows the events, roles, and artifacts of the Scrum Framework and how they interact. It starts with the purpose of Scrum and shows how the Scrum values and empiricism work together to build trust between stakeholders and Scrum Teams. 

You can download a high-resolution version of this illustration for free in our webshop

Scrum Framework Illustration



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